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Die Kurse und Workshops beinhalten technisch alle Levels, von absoluten Beginners bis Advanced. Von den Grundlagen der japanischen Fesselkunst bis hin zur Organisation von Suspensions und auch Selfsuspensions.

Privatlektionen können auf Anfrage mit oder ohne Modelle gebucht werden.

Zudem können auch private Sessions mit mir gebucht werden. Mein Fokus liegt auf der Energiearbeit, Loslassen lernen, Berührungen geniessen, Chakrenarbeiten, Selfawareness, Empowerment. (No sexwork).

Personal Exploration with Ropes:
My first physical contact with the rope work was back in 2010, and I have since maintained this passion joyfully. As a visual artist, I perceive the Japanese rope-art as a wonderful balance between aesthetics and motion. I am ever fascinated by the artistic aspects and concentrated connection between the body and the spiritual while interacting with the models. On the whole: it is a spiritual blessing.
To me, working with the ropes is, besides its erotic dimension, a creative and artistic means of communication. I am a very physical person, with a lifelong passion for all kinds of sports, I have primarily been focused on dance over the past five years.

The teachings of the Japanese art of rope-tying center around the aesthetic and communicative-energetic interaction between ropes and the body/the spiritual individual: capturing the creative energy of ropes on the body as a form of body-art as well as body work. I believe in the authenticity of every individuum and emphasize students to follow their own art of expression. Queering patterns by reading your model.


5th/6th/7th of July – Felix Ruckert is our guest

Creative Work with Europes Rope-Comunity Guru Felix Ruckert. For all Levels and Advanced.


23rd of June – Shibari Open Jam

Falbala Ropes Shibari Open Jam. Bern. Sunday 19H.


22nd/23rd of June – Shibari full Suspension Workshop – Basics

The firs tries and basics going on a full suspension in Shibari Arts


6th of June – Shibari Open Jam

Falbala Ropes Shibari Open Jam. Bern. Thursday at 19H.


27th of May – Shibari Open Jam

Falbala Ropes Shibari Open Jam. Bern. Monday at 20:15H.


19th of May – Shibari Open Jam

Falbala`s Shibari Open Jam. Bern. Sunday 19H.


18th / 19th of May – Shibari Half Suspension

Technique, Organisation // Saturday 15H-21H // Sunday 12H-18H / 19H openJam


17th of May – Tasuki / Floorworks 2

Friday 17th of May, 19H - 22H Tasuki (a Breast-Harness) and some HipHarnesses. Tasuki (ein Brustharness) und Hüftharnesse. Zur Vorbereitung auf den Half-Suspension Workshop.


2nd of May – Shibari Open Jam

Falbala`s Open Jam in Bern at 19h. Cum ```!