THE RESURRECTION, 30min, Berlin, 2018

The Resurrection is an improvised performance as a result due to several accidents in Pisa while preparing the performance „Agata Stikkiusa“ for „Rope Artists International“ in Berlin. During three weeks I felt like Terry Guilliams in „Lost in la Mancha“ with the end of the decision to call off the whole prepared show and improvise on location in Berlin a new show. I directly processed the experiences artistically and created a new performance within some days.

I came as a Van-Nomad from Sicily to Pisa to prepare a queer-feminist audiovisual performance to process and revive the feminist spirit in the figure of Sant Agata, a famous saint from Catania (Sicily). I actually wanted to prepare the show with Sicilians, but it was very hard to find artists to collaborate with. So I decided to travel to Pisa, where i found an appropriated musician for this project. In the same time, while deciding to prepare the show in Pisa, I felt energetically not harmonic to process a very important catholic figure within Sicilian culture with artist in Pisa, who never got to Sicily or have knowledge about Sant Agata or haven`t got this strong connection I do have with this beautiful island.

It happend that during my preparation in Pisa, my van had been broken in, there were forest fires in the mountains, accidents happened production-based and in the end I fell off the bike and injured my finger.
In History, the habitants of Pisa fighted once successfully against the Sarazens, which were nomads from Northern Africa! (Sicily is closer to Africa then to „the continent“.) Pisa then got world power. This historic fact together with my experiences I brought on stage as an improvised show. Once again I faced the fact that all is energy; we are all energy: Thats how „The Resurrection“ had been born.

Concept/Choreography: Fabienne Gallina Baron aka Falbala Ropes
Performer: falbala ropes aka Fabienne Gallina Baron, Lello Li, Alex Mino
Visuals: fabomat films aka Fabienne Gallina Baron
VJ: Shelley Alex Pellegrin
Music: Pixie
Lights: Felix Ruckert
Photo: Philipp Theunissen
Venue: Holzmarkt Theater, Berlin