HUMAN FLESH, 30min, Festival of Naked Forms, Prag, 2019



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While preparing this Performance I was like so often driving my van and my best friend, my dog and spiritual guide to Prague. The topic of this years FESTIVAL OF NAKED FORMS was „Pain“.

Due to the very difficult energy we have on this planet, considering the health of our mother earth, I was certain, wanting to make an art project visualizing and thematizing this truth. My compassion for mother earth and its sentient beings guided me to this piece of art.

Description: Two meat hooks were hanging from the ceiling on iron chains extended at the other end with my shibari rope. JazZ my dog and friend entered the stage on the leash with me. I was wearing a toby collar around the neck to separate my head from the body. My face was in make up and smiling all the time. I first got the other two performers, I didn`t know before I came to Prague, on stage and took their t-shirts off by putting them a white blanket on. I took my blouse off and JazZ`s scarf too with the leash on. Both we were naked. I started to tie my other foot by a shibari-technique to be able to hang on the feet. I distributed 4 letterings they use in butchery shops to name the selling meat at the counter to 4 people in the public together with a clothespin. The letterings refered to how I would merchandise my own body/meat. My body was painted like if I would be skinless. Back on stage I placed the hooks on my feet and gave a sign to my other performers to pull me up. There I was hanging for about 20mins.

The tree humans put the 4 different letterings on my body. The tension in the public got bigger and bigger the longer I hung there. People came up to me to ask how I feel. Already after 10mins. JazZ was going around finding other friends to hang out with and began to ignore me. One time he came up to me, at the very end when I called him. Then he observed the whole scene standing by one other performer who pulled me back to the ground. Unexpectedly the two performers began also to sweat after 10mins. Some other men came up to ask them to help. The tension after these 20mins got pretty high. Also the observing how JazZ was acting within this scenery was catching interest.

A human flesh was hanging on two hooks up side down accompanied by the sound of a refrigerator and a vivid animal walking around to visualize and feel the absurdity when humans decide the separation from the body to their mind which lets them act in a non-natural way to sell this peace of soul vs. meat.


Concept/Choreography: Fabienne Gallina Baron aka Falbala Ropes
Performer: Fabienne Gallina Baron, Alois Stratil, Pavel Schreier
Sound: Refrigerator
Assistance: Sara Wollasch, Bára Smékalová
Photo: Karolína Kohoutková
Venue: Festival of Naked Forms, Karlin Studios, Prague