PARADISEA, 25min, Sicily, 2017

For Arriri-Festival I performed in the afternoon of easter. I was supposed to perform the night before, but the conditions weren`t best, it was a freezing night in the mountains. So I let the party flow and in the morning I found this wonderful architectural art piece made out of thick red (colored) ropes from Adriana Tomasello, were I peformed „Paradisea“ a performance thematizing the rebirth of the paradise bird, with the background of the vulcano Mamma Etna and a lake surrounded by horses. A stunning location.


Performer: Falbala Ropes aka Fabienne Gallina Baron
Make Up: Naîma Noëlle Atlanta
Assistance: Naîma Noëlle Atlanta, Francesca
Foto: Naîma Noëlle Atlanta, Fiorella
Location: Arriri Festival, Paternò, Sicily