Fabienne Gallina Baron is a Filmmaker, Visual and Performance Artist living around the world, nowadays more in between Switzerland and her loving native-root country Italy. She`s been born in Switzerland as a child of italian migrants. She graduated as a teacher for primary school and was also a passionate radio presenter and Djane playing mainly in Zuerich at alternative spaces. She worked in the media as an editor and presenter for a kids program and has been a camera assistant for many years and continued studying further in the fields of cinema since 2002. She studied Theater/Dramatics, Queerstudies, Comparative and German Literature in Zuerich, Bern and Berlin. In Berlin she also focused on Bodywork, Dance, QueerArts and Feminist Pornography while also supporting the Pornfilmfestival Berlin for five years long. And of course: Shibari – the japanese Art of Bondage.


2016 she started travelling again by foot then later in a Van to rediscover and empower her native and spiritual roots in Italy. She reinforced her gift for sensual and energetic work and her passion for spiritual questions by engaging the Mahayana Buddhism and Reiki. While travelling in her Van with her dog in Italy and Sicily she performed with her ropes as a Street Performer, gave Shibari workshops in Sicily and elsewhere and did sexual educational work by talking about and viewing Feminist Pornography. 2015 she founded with a collegue a Womens_^ Migrant/POC groupe in Bern and invented a shibari space in a yoga studio in Zuerich, and is establishing another one in Bern since February 2019.
Fabienne Gallina Barons performative works are mainly implemented in audiovisual installations and uses the technique of Japanese Art of Bondage. The focus of her work is the staging of bodies and energies in space. She is interested in their dissonances and harmonies, the splitting of patterns and expectations assigned to them by the body. Fabienne is also devoted to sex-positive educational work and women’s empowerment.



  • 2013 – AVID, Editor for Film und TV (AVID (CS6 Premiere Pro, After Effects»))
    Filmhaus Babelsberg, Berlin
  • 2013 – Editing with AVID, cimdata Medien-Akademie, Berlin
  • 2012 – History and theory of documentary film, Hochschule f. Film u. Fernsehen, Potsdam, Berlin
  • 2012 – Narrative structure in documentary film, Hochschule f. Film u. Fernsehen, Potsdam, Berlin
  • 2012 – Developement for documentary film – masterclass, screenplay camp (with Andres Veiel), Berlin
  • 2011 – Developement for documentary film – modul 2, screenplay camp (with Andres Veiel), Wiesbaden
  • 2011 – Documentary film for cinema – basic course. screenplay camp (with Christian Frei) Freiburg im Breisgau
  • 2011 – Insight Out-International Symposium on Digital Camera and HDTV production, Training, HFF, Potsdam, Berlin
  • 2011 – Photoshop CS4, basic course for artists, BBK, Berlin
  • 2009 – Work in Process, documentary film-workshop, FOCAL, Zuerich
  • 2007-2009 – Theatre studies, Bern, Berlin
  • 2006-2009 – German and comparative literature studies, Zuerich, Berlin
  • 2005 – Photography, workshop, Schule für Gestaltung und Kunst, Zuerich
  • 2003 – Image narrative and figurative drawing, Hochschule f. Gestaltung u. Kunst, Zuerich
  • 2002-2003 – Light and Stage – technical foundation, Focal Film und Audiovision, Zuerich
  • 2002 – Cinematography Workshop, 16mm, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne
  • 2002 – Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Open Channel, Melbourne
  • 2000 – Introduction in print journalism, Medienausbildungszentrum, Luzern
  • 2000-2001 – Moderation, speech technique, video technique, SFDRS, Zuerich
  • 1999 – Radio specific courses: interview technique, feature design, moderation, speach technique, Cool Edit Pro, Kanal K, Aarau
  • 1998-1999 – Print journalism studies, Zuerich
  • 1991-1996 – Primary school education teacher certificate, Luzern


Crew United



  • Since 2015 performances with Falbala Ropes Performance Crew
  • 2012-2015 weekly trainings at Schwelle7 // …
  • 2018 Workshop with Kasumi Hourai, Kopenhagen
  •  2014 Workshop with Nicolas Yoroi, Schwelle7
  • 2014 Workshop mit Akira Naka as model, Schwelle7
  • 2014 Making my own rope, with Shadow
  • 2013 Rigger Boot Camp, Schwelle7
  • 2013 European Rigger Exchange, Schwelle7
  • 2013 Workshop with Barkas, Berlin
  • 2012 European Rigger Exchange, Schwelle7
  • 2012 Workshop with Esinem, Schwelle7
  • 2011 Shibari Dojo Berlin, weekly trainings once to twice a week
  • 2010 Shibari Beginners Training with Dasniya Sommer, Berlin



  • 2018 Butoh  Workshop with Valeria Geremia, Catania
  • 2017 Reiki Diplom 1st Level
  • Since 2017 self-taught studies of  Dharma and Meditation
  • 2016 Aura-Course
  • 2014/15 Partner Acrobatics / AcroYoga
  • 2013/14 Kalaripayattu
  • 2013 Introduction into Educational Theory of Sexuality Familienplanungszentrum Balance, Berlin
  • 2012 Aufbau der Mitte bei Fe Reichelt!
  • since 2008 different Workshops to Polyamoury, jelousy, BDSM, flogging, Queerpolitics, etc. etc. etc.)
  • since 2008 different Dance classes in different contemporary dance styles