Fabienne     Gallina     Baron

Performer and Visual ArTist


I offer trial courses as well as workshops for beginners in where basics of the Japanese art of rope-tying can be learned. The technique for beginners is mostly limited to floor work. More advanced may go flying.

  • Private lessons for couples or singles (for singles, a model can be provided).
  • Training for groups from 4 to 10 persons (the groups can be arranged individually or upon request).
  • Workshops on weekends or during vacation, away from everyday life.
  • Trial courses (upon request) are two hours long (models can be pre-booked or brought along).

> Workshop dates

  • Different courses Zurich, Bern, Berlin 2014/15/16
  • Trial course Zurich Serratus Yoga Studio 2013
  • Workshop Sicily 2013
  • Easter Conference 2012
  • Queerfestival Copenhagen 2011
  • Queerfestival Zürich 2010