Follow up workshop – Basic Insight _Bern_ 19th of september

saturday 19th of september 2015
Follow up workshop – Basic Insight

The focus in this workshop is to explore and to experience the creative process during rigging. How can i use existing physical energies and conditions (size, shape, flexibility, gender, …) to experience and develop combined creativity with the rope. First basic knots will be teached as well. This workshop is aimed for Newbies who already attended my introductional workshop or for more experienced people who like to enhance their own technique. For uncertainty please don`t hesitate to ask.

Time: 1.30pm – 6.30pm, 190.- sFr. Reduction available for smaller pockets.
Location: Bern
To bring: You already experienced my introductional Workshop or you are anyhow more experienced with ropes. Openness, humor, delighted for body- and energywork, cosy light clothing. Alone or with others. Places are limited.
Infos and Registration:

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